Thursday, March 23, 2017

There's No Place Like Home

Well it's official...we are moving BACK to Arizona!!, the beginning of June when the twins finish up the school year here in Texas. Now I know I haven't posted in almost a year...there is a perfectly good reason for that, moving then unpacking and trying to get everything to feel like home etc...well truth be told although Texas is a great place it just never felt like home to us. We spent over 20 years spreading our roots and making Arizona home that well, Texas just didn't have a chance in our hearts.

 and definitely couldn't compete with this,

 or this,

or even this :)
Good thing we didn't sell our AZ home because that is where we will be heading back to.
Chris will still be working for Epsilon but was given the go ahead to work remotely from AZ. So the Texas house will be going up for sale in April. 

Also while in Texas I just haven't felt like doing much quilting...the TX quilt studio ended up not being as big as I thought it was once I started putting every thing in place, which means I wasn't feeling very creative this past year :( I need to be able to like the space if I am spending lots of time in it, lol I did take pics of the TX quilt studio and will be posting pics of it eventually though, just not today. I also have not purchased ANY new fabric this past year which also could be for my lack of creativity...who knows
I am however looking forward to moving back into my old office and quilt studio...making a few changes with the office furniture and where things will be placed because I did purchased a cutting table and additional IKEA pieces for the studio though. Also I will have to get to work making new quilts to hang on the AZ walls because last year when we were moving to TX I gifted most of the wall quilts to one of my besties.

DH has also been asking me if I am planning on reopening my longarm business since we are moving back to AZ... don't know yet, maybe, I need to think about it some. While I've been in TX I am still getting monthly quilting requests from people back in AZ looking for longarming services. If I do it won't be until the fall at the earliest so we can resettle into the house and get things unpacked. 

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