Friday, January 22, 2016

So Much Has Happened Since I Last Posted

So I have been missing in action on this blog since the end of September...with very good reason, that I am now able to share with you. Shortly after my last blog post my DH (Chris) told me that he was looking for another job...sure, OK, fine, he told me that one before ;) but then he said he had applied for out of state jobs...WHAT!! So he had interviews after interviews some on the phone and 2 that flew him out for follow up face to face interviews. The first one (which would be his dream job) was for a "Director of Identity and Access Management" position out of Texas (Dallas/Fort Worth area). All went well and he was told that he was the top candidate for the job. He came back home and waited for the job offer to come but it was being pushed back so when another company offered to fly him out for a face to face interview he said why not. This 2nd one was in South Carolina!!! Within days of Christmas the South Carolina job made him an offer and the week after Christmas we were on a plane heading to South Carolina to look at houses to buy. Found an area where we wanted to build a house and was in the process of filling out the paper work for it when Chris gets a call from the Texas dream job saying that the delay was resolved and if he would be able to phone interview with 2 more people within the week. Of course he said yes. In the mean time with out an actual job offer letter in hand from Texas we decided to proceed forward with South Carolina so Chris put in his notice to Honeywell. The day after his last day at Honeywell the TX phone interviews happened and was invited to another phone interview with the company's CISO (chief internet/security officer) the following day. When all was said and done Chris had an offer letter for his "Dream Job" in TX. So now he had to call the South Carolina Company and give him his regrets (but they knew that he was also waiting for the TX job offer so it wasn't a complete 
Now with the destination finally confirmed, and his start date being February 8,2016 We needed to get a few things taken care of, like housing. So off we went to the Dallas/ Fort Worth Area to first secure a short term lease on an apartment  asap and then look for housing for us and the twins when school lets out in May. Oh and 2 days before Christmas Chris totaled my 2014 Ford Mustang (it was the other person's fault she turned left in front of him).

 Here is the picture of my totaled Mustang :(  No one was hurt and the other driver's insurance company claimed responsibility. So we purchased a 2015 Ford Edge to replace the Mustang.

 We broke the new car in with a road trip to TX :) and this is the house we are buying. It's in the Fort Worth area and we asked for a delayed closing so we could close on it in mid April, Then the twins, our 2 dogs and I will be moving there the end of May. The house is smaller than our current house but has 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, a formal living & dining room, a family room, a fireplace, a loft, and....

 this massive game room/media room with a door and 2 walk in closets!!
This will be my new Quilt Studio!!! The room is 18' X 20'

Now you are probably wondering what is going to happen to Gecko Quilts and our current house here in AZ. 
Well, Gecko Quilts will no longer be accepting anymore customer quilts after March 31, 2016. Once I get settled into our new house in TX, Gecko Quilts will be switching gears and will only be only selling finished quilts from my web site or from Etsy (haven't figured that one out yet). As for our current house, well it will be going up for sale before the end of 2016. Our 3 adult kids will be staying in AZ, our son moved out back in October and our 2 older daughters even though they still live with us would not be able to take care of the large house we currently have. So after it sells we will be purchasing a smaller house here in AZ (which our 2 older daughters will live in and take care of it while we are in TX). This way we will have a place to come back and stay when we visit our kids and the smaller home will be the house we come back to live in once Chris retires in 12-15 years. Yup we are getting rid of our current big house and will have a mid size house in TX and a smaller one in AZ. I plan on keeping my blog going so you will still be able to see what I am up to in the future. 

I had a hard time staying off this blog while everything was working itself out,  I wanted to wait until every thing was finalized. And now that my traveling is done until school lets out, the customer quilts that are waiting to be quilted will be getting done asap within the next 2 weeks. The past month has been extremely crazy for us which was why I said that the quilts being dropped off this past December wouldn't be done until sometime in January (the last week of January/ the first week in February I will have them done, for those waiting for your quilts to be finished, I appologize for this delay but you will be recieving a call from me soon to schedule a pick up).


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  1. Wow! God certainly has your lives on a roller coaster!
    I am happy for you and Chris! Best wishes as you move and make plans! Nice to keep in touch! :-)