Saturday, September 26, 2015

Building a (useable) Fabric Stash Part 3

"Using the Stash You Built!"

Now that you have your stash purchased (or gifted) and organized in easy to handle sizes  I will show you how to get the most out of your usable stash. Also   I will show you where to look on-line to find the patterns that will work with your "Scrap User" system. 
 You can use ANY commercial "pre-cut" pattern out there that requires a Jelly Roll, Fat Quarters, Charms, and Layer Cakes. Because your stash is already broken down into these sizes, all you need to do is decide on your color choices for the quilt project you want to make.

Here are some places that I like to go to find the patterns that I use, whether it is from books, on-line blogs or you tube there is so much out there to inspire you.
1) Bonnie K. Hunter 
this is the link to her blog, you can read all about her here, in short she is an author, a quilt teacher, and a great reference for all things scrappy! She also has videos where you can sew along with her while she works on her own projects in her own basement studio while she takes and answers questions that people send her via e-mail (to view these videos just click on her "Quilt Cam" tab at the top of her blog to find all of the links of her previous recorded quilt cam videos. Each video runs anywhere from 60 min- 90 min.
She also has a "Free Pattern" tab where she has detailed quilt patterns that she designed that she shares with the world. She also has her books for sale as well (all are signed by her when bought directly from her). I have all of her books and the great thing about her books is that about 90% of all the patterns in her books I want to make! All of her books are very user friendly and work perfect with the "Scrap User" system because this is the lady that I based my own system on.
Bonnie has such a large following that there is a Facebook page called Quiltville Open Studio
this is a great place to discover, share and get to know others that like Bonnie Hunter and her quilt patterns. She even posts/comments there as well.

Judy Martin is a legend, and has been around the quilt world for decades. All of her books are very user friendly and work perfect with the "Scrap User" system.

Moda is a textile company that revolutionized (in my opinion) the pre-cuts. They were the first company to offer complete collections in precut sizes. At the above site they offer A LOT of free patterns to use the precuts sizes they offer (which, just so happens to be the sizes that work with a good portion of the "scrap user" system!!

4) Kim Brackett  She is the queen of "Jelly Rolls" or 2 1/2" strips! she has several quilt books available that in my opinion is a must have for any serious scrap quilter out there. Just like Bonnie K Hunter, I like about 90% of all her patterns in here books. A very good investment.

5) Brenda Henning Brenda is known for her books that shows you how to uses Hoffman's Bali Pops (which are the batik 2 1/2" precuts). You can also use these patterns with any 2 1/2" strips. The books are called "Strip Therapy" and at the time of when this post was written she had 12 of them. 

It was this lady that started me on my journey over a decade ago on the scrap quilt train. One of the first quilt books I ever bought was "Nickel Quilts" it is a book that shows you how to use your 5" squares (also called Charm Squares). I was new to quilting and made a few quilts. Left over scraps started accumulating from the quilts and I wanted to make good use of every thing and not throw the bits and pieces left over out with the trash. So I went to my local quilt store and stumbled across "Nickel Quilts" and knew that was what I was going to do with my left over scraps...cut them down into 5" squares until I had enough to make one of the quilts in the book. Little did I know at the time that this was the first seed of my quilt stash.

This place is so much more than just a quilt shop. Jenny Doan (the face of Missouri Star Quilt Co.) is also a you tube quilt teacher sensation! Each week she posts a new you tube videos on how to use the precuts that are so popular (but again since it's the same sizes as your scrap user system = more awesome ideas to use up your stash)! 

Yes I have a pinterest page :) and yes it's quit large, lots of Quilty Inspiration and lots of other things that caught my eye over the years...but it's mostly my on-line quilt scrapbook.

Well that's about it for my "building a usable stash" series. I hope it helps you to be more productive as well as being creative in your quilting!

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