Monday, February 8, 2016

Ideas For My Texas Quilt Studio

I hate packing!!! Yup, it's my least favorite thing to do. But I will be packing the house up soon for the move to Texas. The only thing that will help me get through the "moving" process is the fact that I will be able to design my new quilt studio! Thank goodness there is Pintrest where lots of inspiration runs freely. Here are a few ideas that I want to incorporate in my new studio....

Love this sign...must have!

I have lots of tins that I would like to do this to.

I love this wall color, thinking of painting the studio walls this color.

Love the concept of an over stuffed slip covered chair and foot stool, IKEA sells this with removable slip covers, so I could take it apart to use a pattern for using my own fabrics/ colors.

I like the idea of upper white cabinets over my IKEA desks (will have 2 in the new studio...taking the one that my DH was using as his old desk and the one in my current studio). 

Love these jars, would use them on a shelf to hold 2 1/2" charm squares for my scrap user system. 

Been wanting to remake my ironing board into a quilters ironing board for a while now.
Love theses over-sized buttons, to hang on the wall among mini wall quilts.

 Love these IKEA cabinets.

 Never thought about Framing my design wall, but cool look.

 Will have space to add a cutting island in the new studio.

Guess I will be putting DH to work on this DYI in the near future.

Would make a cute accent table next to the comfy chair.

Love the look of old spools in jars.

and I love the this idea but displaying different pincushions. 

This would be an inexpensive way to do a cutting table. 

Love these glass upper cabs!

Great way to store old buttons!

Parson chairs would be a nice comfy look as sewing machine chairs instead of office chairs. Could also coordinate fabrics.

Awesome idea to add a power strip under the ironing board.

Love this cabinet to store quilts in.

Must find a way to keep my current scrap user system in the new space.

Good idea to add peg board to back of the closet doors for rulers...

 and notions.

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  1. Those Ikea cabinets are dreamy! Hope your move goes well and you will settled and sewing in no time!