Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hocuspocusville Update- Long Over Due

Well it's mid October 2013 and I haven't posted an update on my hocuspocusville quilt in quite a while....hmm like in over a year! I was hoping to have it done by this year but nope it's not, lol.
I did however get another 3 blocks done (blocks 4,5,6) and have just a little more stitching to do on the 7th block.

See here is the update so far on my new "quilt" design wall. The top 4 blocks have already been squared/trimmed per pattern. It's coming along.  However just like anything else UFO wise, if it sits for too long before it gets finished I start to think about other layout designs. The center was originally suppose to be alternating 9-patches on point. I didn't really care for the way the pattern had it so I came up with the center in the pic. Now (a year later) I am thinking something else that would bring in more Halloween colors to the center of the quilt. The current center won't go to waste though....it will either end up as part of a pieced backing for this quilt or I will turn it into a Halloween table topper. Stay tuned for further updates, it will get done....eventually ;0)     

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