Saturday, October 5, 2013

Scrappy Sew Day!

It was such a nice day out today....that I turned off the AC & opened up all the windows and sewed all day!!!!  Don't you just love days like that? No worries, no responsibilities (DH was in the kitchen, cleaning it and making dinner...such a great guy I have).
So this is what I have been working on lately....

The top left is a postage stamp quilt that I am making for one of my nieces for Christmas (it could end up as a lap size or  as large as a queen sz. depending on how much I can get done on it). The upper right is the 2013 summer leaders and enders challenge from Bonnie Hunter which is a split 9 patch and will end up as a Christmas gift for another niece (I have a lot of nieces & nephews). The center bottom stack of blocks is for a bare spot on the wall in my quilt studio, hopefully this also will get done before the end of the year ;0)

This is my next hexie project that I started, it will be a lap size scrap 1/2" hexie quilt for my office. I say next because I am still working on the king size Grandmothers Flower Garden quilt....yes, I thought it was finished but while it was waiting to be quilted I found myself putting it off and I didn't know why. Then it hit me, the reason for my procrastination on it was because it just wasn't what/where I wanted it to be or look like. So I took it back to the center and now I am reworking the border section of the quilt...already I am happier with the results I am getting. Sometimes you just have to let things be for a while until you get it to where it needs to be.  

I have always said "quilter's are the best"! My friend Kay gifted me her scraps! It felt like Christmas :0)
She knew I have been organizing my stash into a more "Scrap Friendly Stash" these past few years. In fact most of my current projects are scrappy!  And she was cleaning out her scraps from her sewing room and thought of me....Thank You so much Kay!

Not everyone likes to work with scraps or make scrap quilts, which is fine- but I love them...each little scrap brings a memory back or puts a smile on my face when I remember the friend that gave it to me. With that said....if anyone out there reading this finds themselves wanting to clean out their scraps but never knew what to do with them or you are thinking of donating them or heaven forbid are thinking of throwing them out....bring them to me & I will find the perfect spot in a future quilt. Also remember no scrap is too small....I keep scraps as thin as 3/4" wide and up. It doesn't matter if you prewash your fabrics or not, or if they are shoved in a bag/bin and are a wrinkled mess, or if they are pieces of old blocks/ test blocks or whatever. I will be more than grateful to take them off your hands :0)

OK so some of you have known that my 17 yr old daughter has been looking  for a job for over a year...and was even thinking of selling baby quilts she was making from my stash either on Etsy or on my website. Well looks like I will be finishing her quilts for her because she finally found a job! She now works at Sprouts Farmers Market a grocery store near by. She is so happy to have steady hours and a weekly paycheck. 

I am hoping to start the new year (2014) with quilts for sale on my website stay tuned! 

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