Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stash Organization Part 1

So no, I haven't fell off the face of the earth but I have been engulfed in a HUGE project in my quilt studio. For the past couple of weeks I have been re-oranizing my studio so it is more user friendly and less polarizing, lol. Something that it has not been in a long time.
These ar pics. of the reorg. in process. 
I am moving things around a bit so I have better access to ALL storage areas at all times. 
Plus if you go to all this trouble you might as well dig into all the scraps that have been collecting in the corners so they can be used in quilts.

Here are some of my scraps that I am getting ready to cut down into user friendly sizes. I am using a variation of Bonnie Hunter's Scrap User System She sorts her scraps by size and value (lights/meds/darks). I am taking this a litle bit farther, I am sorting mine by size then between "12" colors.

I am using the sterilite plastic storage containers that you can buy at Walmart or Target. Here are the sizes that I use  15 qrt storage   66 qrt storage tubs
I am in the process of cutting my scraps and stash down into the following sizes...
1) Strings (any strip that is 3/4"-1" wide) these I have in 3(4 drawer) sterilite carts.
#2-7 I have in the 15qrt storage containers (yup, that would be 72 total needed, currently I have about half...need to purchase more).
2) 1 1/2" strips
3) 2" strips
4) 2 1/2" strips
5) 3 1/2" strips
6) 5" sqs
7) Fat Quarters
#8-10 are in the 66 qrt storage tubs but not divided by color
8) 1/2yd cuts
9) 1yd cuts
10) 3yd cuts
I also have my UFO's/projects in both size storage containers/tubs. 
The 12 colors I decided to break them down into are...
Off white
The ranges in these colors go from light to dark and turquoise goes in with the blues while aquas go in with the greens. In a perfect world/dream world ;0) where I have a huge quilt studio and alot more room for stash storage I would have broken the colors out even more than just into these 12 colors. But in the real world be grateful with what you have and just work with what you got.  
Chris (my wonderful husband) and JT (my awesome son) have been helping me move cabinets and shelves around and are going to be adding more shelves this week so I can start putting things "back together" so I can get to work this weekend on customer quilts. I will post more pics as my studio comes together. 

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