Friday, June 15, 2012

Stash Organization Part 2

Still working on organizing the quilt studio, after my last post I ordered the remaining storage tubs needed to complete my needs. Here are a few pics of how it looks so far.
I decided to put my "strings" in the drawers because they fit. Plus I thought I could build up from there. ;0) I needed to find a way to store my 1 1/2" strips that would fit on top of my string drawers and when searching came across these cool mini 3-drawer units sold online at walmart in sets of 4...fits perfect!
Above them are 3 shelves that hold 2" strips, 2 1/2" strips and on the top shelf I have my Kona Cotton bolts of fabric.  

On the other side of my sewing desk I have from the bottom up my fat quarters, 5" sqs, and my 3 1/2" strips. On the very top shelf which can't be veiwed are my Isacord embroidry threads.

Between my scrap storage is my sewing desk, which was purchased from Ikea when we moved into this house (we bought one just like it for my MIL to use for her sewing machine in the loft). I took out the shelves in the side supports of the desk and put in the sterilite shoe box drawers, they fit perfect! Plus there is room for more of them behind the ones you see for added future storage needs. A girl can never have too much storage areas :0)

On this wall I have 2 old dressers that I use for my longarm thread storage (longarmers love their thread ;0) ). The plastic drawers on either side of the dressers hold my pantograghs and other tools such as rulers, stabilizers etc...On the shelves above are my Accuquilt Go dies and my Circle Lord boards for my longarm. 

Instead of putting back up the old flannel back table cloth for my design wall I decided to make a "Design Wall Quilt" I got the idea while surfing the net one day. I will post picks of that project when I do it, hopefully sooner than later.   
The nice thing about longarm tables is that they have a large amount of space under them, great for more storage! Here I store my yardage (which will eventually end up into the scrap storage system as it is used). I also store my UFO's (unfinished objects) and my future projects.    

And finally the last pic for now, I promise- lol is of what I found in my mail box today. Connecting Threads was having a big sale and since I was up to my neck in fabric the past few weeks, I noticed that my stash was lacking in a few colors. Orange, purple, grey, and some bright green. So took advantage of the sale to rectify it just a little.
I am so happy with how my studio is comming together. When we first moved into this house a year and a half ago it was during the fall, or peak snowbird season ;0). So everything was tossed into the room without much thought and stuff got lost in the corners of the room and were hard to get to. I have given lots of thought to how to best "utilize" my limited space and I think this is the answer for me. I still have some yardage that I need to cut down into their proper sizes before I am done with my stash organizing and before I can work on the 2 remaining quilts I have in mind for the room before I can call my studio finished. But once that is complete I am focusing in on my office, which is also in desperate need of organizing!! 


  1. You have been busy! What a lot of work. I admire your organization.

    I don't show mine because it would make people gasp in dismay. LOL

  2. OMG...somebody shoot me now! I became your follower just so I watch what you do next....congratulations.

  3. Wow, this is impressive, what an awesome studio!

  4. Whoa!! Now that is some serious organization! Impressive