Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hocuspocusville Update

So this week has been kind of crazy, I have been "Spring" cleaning the house getting it ready for Easter and the extended family to come over. Of course this is nothing compared to getting the house ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas when not only does the house get a thorough cleaning but also major decorating is going on too. Even though been super busy and no longarming has been going on I did manage to finish the first block of my Hocuspocusville quilt. Was able to work on it while running/waiting on the kids to get done with their activities and of course in the late evenings when I was too tired after the day of cleaning to do anything else.

Here's how I did block 1, I wanted to add a little color so I made the pumpkins pop with the orange.

Then I transferred the designs for block 2...

and for block 3. Should keep me busy for a while ;0)

This is what I am doing for my center blocks...instead of the 9 patch blocks on point per pattern I thought it would be fun to do a monkey wrench block in orange and black. I think it looks pretty cool so far. And if you are wondering if a gecko will be part of the quilt the answer is no, I just ran out of space on my design wall...need to find some time to get these projects completed and off the wall! LOL  

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