Friday, March 30, 2012

Hocuspocusville Quilt

I decided that a girl can not have too many portable projects on hand, just in case one project (like my hexie quilt) was getting boring I could jump over to another :o) This is where my Hocuspocusville quilt comes in. Remember this quilt... 

Well I had all of the stuff to make it, but stashed it away in my PTM (projects to make tub/s). Last week I was pawing my way through the PTM tubs and came across it...well lets just say I got a hugetugging at my heart to make this, like NOW!!!, you know what I am saying, right? It's like when you go to the fabric store and you see a fabric that you just have to have and even though you walk out of the store without buying it you just can't get it out of your head until you go back to buy it. Well that's what it felt like. So I pulled out my pattern. 

For anyone that wants to make it it's from Crab Apple Hill and it's pattern #313 Hocuspocusville it finishes to a size 68"X68".

The pattern suggests that you line your fabric with muslin so you don't get a shadow effect from your floss. So I cut my muslin for the 12 blocks. 

Then I cut my fabric for my blocks, I am using Moda's Essential Dots in eggshell. It is light enough that I can see the pattern through it to trace the design.

Then I taped my pattern for the first block on a flat surface (if you have a tough time seeing the pattern through your fabric you may want to use a light box for this step. Then I found my center and marked it with a pencil.

I also taped my fabric down as well so the fabric didn't shift while I traced it. To trace the pattern I used a Pigma Micron 05 black pen.

Then once the design was transfered to my fabric I basted my muslin fabric to the back of it. For this I used the basting stitch on my sewing machine in a grid like fashion then zig zag the egdes.

Then I hooped it and started stitching. The whole thing is stitched using a simple back stitch, some french knots, and maybe some lazy daisy stitches, that's all.

These are the colors I am using for my blocks, DMC #310 Black (for most of the work), DMC #720 Orange (for some occasional accent on the blocks to make them pop) and then DMC #550 Purple (for the crazy quilt type stitches that run along the seam lines of the blocks when they are sewn together). Also like I stated in the above post that I featured my customers quilt I mentioned that I was going to do something different in the center of the quilt and ditch the rick rack trim. For my quilt I am doing a monkey wrench block center in 2 colors, orange and black. And instead of the  rick rack I am planing on doing prarie points in multiple halloween colors.
The current plan is to stitch 2 or more blocks per month so I can have it on my wall in October. Stay tuned for future updates and what each of my blocks end up looking like. I am so excited!!!

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  1. I know this is way late, but I was looking for pictures of Hocuspocusville and came upon your blog. Hope it has gone well for you. I'm on corner block 4, the used broom one. I really enjoy stitching and listening to all my husband's news shows. Perfect for this cold winter!!