Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!!!!

Ok, so I'm a day early but since DH, the kids and I are heading over to church tonight for the Easter vigile mass I figure I would share some Easter joy. Been in the kitchen all day baking/cooking and wanted to share some pics..

First I made a bunny cake, of course it had to be a carrot cake. Isn't he so cute? 

I also made this snack mix called "Bunny Bait" you can get the recipe here it is made with popcorn white chocolate candy coating/melts/chips, pretzels, Easter M&M's, and sprinkles. So easy to make and tastes awesome!
I also made a cheesecake, boiled 24 eggs for deviled eggs, made cucumber salad, and an orange dreamsicle jello mold. Tomorrow I will finish the deviled eggs, make mashed potatoes, crescent rolls, brown sugar glazed ham, and honey glazed carrots. My brother in-law is bringing a salad and my sister in-laws are bring apple pies and stuffed mushrooms. It's going to be a great Easter Feast tomorrow ;0)
I hope all of you have a happy Easter and that you will be enjoying it with family and friends. ((HUGS)) 

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