Monday, March 19, 2012

Long Over Due GFG Quilt Update

I haven't posted much on my progress of my grandmother's flower garden quilt, I know it's long over due. But I have been working on it (slowly that is) and there is some progress since I last posted about it.....

Here is a picture of it so far. All of the flowers are done, I just have to piece them into the quilt top and then add a white appliqued border to it. It has been about 3 years in the making now and I am sick and tired of looking at it unfinished. Plus it isn't as portable as it once was which is making it more and more difficult to find time to finish it. I have even thought about reducing the size of it to be a smaller quilt than what I originally intended it to be. But then I thought what would I do with the rest of the flowers that were already made and then decided not to reduce the size of the quilt and just push on through until it was finished, whenever that will be, could be another 3 years, but I hope it doesn't take that long.   

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