Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thanks Bobbi!!!

A good quilter friend of mine dropped off some quilts for me today, she is one awesome lady, I always love it when she drops by or when we talk on the phone. She is always willing to share recipes (she even taught me how to make tamales!), quilt patterns, new techniques and today she even drop off some goodies for me.
She gave me a new quilt pattern that uses a pretty cool technique and a huge tub of scraps!
The last time I talked to her I mentioned that I bought the Bonnie Hunter pattern books that uses lots of scraps to make awsesome scrap quilts and she said that the next time she saw me that she would give me some of her scraps :0)
Thanks Bobbi, can't wait to dive into them and create some cool stuff with it...stay tuned, but first need to sort and organize them into my scrap stash. :0) 

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