Thursday, August 18, 2011

Emergency Room Visit

I posted recently that I had a UTI infection, started mid July. Well the past couple of days I have been feeling very tired and off and last night after dinner I started getting sick and my temp shot up from a normal temp to a high temp in 40 min, chills, shakes etc..DH took me to the emergency room where they ran some test...urine culture and complete blood work. Tests showed that yes a massive infection is still present (that hasn't been responding to the previous antibiotics prescribed the last two times this past month). My white blood cell count is highly elevated (which doc said is to be expected given the size of my infection). Good news is that my blood sugar levels are normal, and there is no signs of kidney damage. So the doc hooked me up to an IV of antibiotics and perscribed me yet another dose of a different antibiotics that will run a course of 10 days this time along with a follow up visit at the end of the antibiotics to do another test to make sure the infection is gone. He also said until this infection is resolved that I need lots of rest, lots of water & cranberry juice and no working during this time.

So had to cancel all my drop off appointments for the next 10 days. For all of those that currently have their quilts here at Gecko Quilts, please be patient, they will get done in the order that they came in, as soon as I am told by my doctor that I can go back to work. I am so sorry if this is an inconvienece for any of you but my health has to come first here. If you need to pick up your unquilted quilt, please call me and I will arrange a pick up time next week. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

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  1. I have been concerned that I have not heard how you are doing. As a retired nurse I know that an unresolved UTI can wipe you out. I will look here on your blog to see how you are doing or you can send me a U2U to sharni on the APQS Forum.