Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I Hate Being Sick

Sorry no pics today.
Just me feeling sorry for myself. I have been sick for the most part since 7/19/11. It started with a bladder infection, I have only had 1 other bladder infection in my life and it was almost 3 years ago. So when I got this one I wasted no time got to the doctor, confirmed that yes it was a bladder infection and started taking antibiotics. Felt better, and finished the meds. All seemed fine then within a week after I finished the antbiotics, it was back
:0( Made another doctor appt but had to suffer through the weekend. mean while my oldest who just got back from a Cali vaca with her friends came down with the flu...can you guess what happened? That's right since my immune system was already weakened because of the on going bladder infection I got the flu as well! My doctor appt was Monday, they confimed yes my bladder infection did come back, most likely because the 5 day antibiotics given to me before wasn't long enough...so now I am on a different antibiotic and this time it's for a full week. On top of that my temperature shot up to 102.7 degrees (and pretty much stayed their all day and into the night even with taking Advil) Monday as well because of the flu my DD gave me compete with full body aches, chills and nausea. My fever finally broke in the wee hours of the night but still feeling kind of drained....Again I hate being sick!!! And of course it had to be when my MIL was out of town, DH and I was looking forward to having some time alone while she was gone but instead I have been sick :0( 

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