Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Health Update

Well been on the new course of antibiotics for 5 1/2 days, not seeing much difference, except fever now is low grade if I move around too much. The antibiotics I have been on since this started back in July are as follows...

1) Cipro. for 5 days
2) Macrob. for 7 days
3) Cipro. IV (while in ER)
4) Cipro. for 10 days (in which I have taken 5 1/2 days)

I got a call from the hospital/ER that I was at last Wed. night and they told me to stop taking the Cipro. they pescribed last Wed. because my infection is resistant to it. According to my Urinalysis that they did (they divided my infection from my urine into a lot of p-tree (?) dishes and tried to kill the infection with different antibiotics)...guess what antibiotics did not kill the infection...yup the ones listed above!!! However one of the ones that did kill the infection was Bactrim so they called in to my pharmacy a 10 day course of the Bactrim antibiotic. Which I am told to start taking in the morning. Hopefully this will all be over with soon and I can get back to quilting.

I was told to still keep my follow up visit with my primary care doc next Tues. and have them check for the infection..they said their should be a HUGE improvement with my urine culture. If there is then I should be able to get some customer quilts done next week...here's hoping :0)  


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