Thursday, September 8, 2011

Back To Work... Where Did the Summer Go?

Feeling much better, it helps to be on the right antibiotic that actually does kill the infection. However being on antibiotics for a month and a half did a number on my gut, by wiping out all the good bacteria in it so now I am eating extremely healthy, lots of fiber, fruits & veggies to restore the eco system within, LOL.

This week I have working on my backlog/customer quilts that need to be done, should be all caught up within a few weeks, then I can fit some of my own projects in here and there. Which brings me to this question...

WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO? I mean I had planned to work on ALOT of UFOs and work on the quilts for my bare walls and I have not even put a dent into anything I wanted to get done. :0(

Also when did fabric prices get so high? The last time I bought fabric was back in the spring and prices were still reasonable ($8-$9 per yard for regular quilt shop fabric and $10 for batiks, bali pops were $35). I got my Hancocks of Paducah catolog yesterday in the mail and almost fell over by how much prices went up! ($10.99-$11.99 per yard for regular quilt shop fabric, $10.99-$11.99 per yard for batiks and bali pops are now $39.99) YIKES!!! This is not good, 2 years ago I was joking around with my DH, he was concerned about me building up my stash of fabrics (which is still a work in progress BTW), wanting to know why I was buying so much. I told him that I was stocking up because when we retire and on a fixed income I wouldn't be able to buy fabric. Little did I know that I wouldn't have to wait until I was retired because that day is now. Wish I knew what was comming, because I would have bought a whole lot more!!! The bad thing with fabric prices going up, they will never go back down to the older prices. I guess I will be shopping the fabric sales from now on, no more new release fabric lines for me and I can see alot of scrap quilts in my future with pieced backs. It's a good thing I like scrap quilts, lol  

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  1. I ventured into a quilt store a few weeks ago and about flipped out too! You are right -the prices won't come back down! :(