Monday, April 18, 2011

Slice and Dice 9 Patch

I found this technique on You Tube awhile back (sorry can't remember where) but it is a quick an easy way to use up those 5" squares!
First decided on how many blocks you want to make, a baby quilt uses 12 blocks and a teen sz or lap quilt uses 20. You can make this totally scrappy or as I call it (and did) organized chaos and stick with a color scheme.
Layout the 5" squares in nine patch fashion to your liking ( I chose to do a teen/lap size quilt so I needed 20 blocks and I chose to use the pink sqs in the 4 corners and in 10 of the blocks use this green & pink print and in the other 10 use a green tonal for the center sq. Once you decide what your game plan is then get to sewing your 9 patches.
Here's block "A" after the 9 patch was sewn together I sliced it in half horizontal and vertical.

Her's my block "B" and it is also sliced and diced. Seperate your new smaller blocks into 2 piles,  pile "A" and pile "B". You will now take 2 small "A" blocks and 2 small "B" blocks to create your block for your quilt. Lay them out so that 2 same green centers are diagonal to each other, then going clockwise starting with the upper right block turn it 1/4 turn, bottom right, 1/4 turn, bottom left 1/4 turn, and finally upper left 1/4 turn. Resew these 4 small blocks together this new way. Then do the same for the remaining blocks.
Arrange the blocks in a 4X5 layout pleasing to your eye and stitch your quilt top together.
You will get this! At this point you can add borders or not...I choose not.

This is a baby quilt I did for one of my neighbors it had 12 blocks  and finished at around 48" X 60" 

I quilted it using the "Tickle" panto from Willows Leaf Studios 

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