Saturday, March 19, 2011

March UFO Put on Hold

Ok before anyone thinks the worst, nothing bad happened to keep me from working on my March UFO project. I have just been busy with other things that have been a little more important...
-like hosting a Birthday Slumber party for my twins 11th birthday,
-kids being home for a week due to spring break,
-cleaning out the garage so when my DMIL moves in next month we will be able to park 2 cars in the garage and not just 1, 
-organizing the mud room shelves to free up some storage space for DMIL,
-making a baby quilt for a friend

-and making a quilt for my kitchen.

I have pictures of these 2 chefs in my kitchen and was thrilled to death when I came across this cute panel called "The Daily Special". So of course I had to turn it into a quilt since there was a bare wall in my kitchen in desperate need of one.
-I have also been working on my GFG quilt that I just posted about.

See all good excuses as to why March's UFO did not get done...perhaps it will resurface later in the year or not. Stay tuned to see. :0)

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