Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What Can You Do in Just 1 Day?

Well you could build a wall!
That's right on Saturday I woke up and told my DH, Chris that I wanted him to build me a wall and he did :0) He's the best!

As you know my quilt studio is in my converted 1 car garage. When we moved in DH and friends put in a sub floor to raise the floor to house level and to level the floor itself. Then a few weeks ago our friend Ralph put duct work in my studio so I could have some heat/air conditioning in my studio. But my studio was still about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house because of the draft comming from the metal portions of the garage door. So.....  
DH & my 16 yr old son went to Home Depot and picked up some 2x4's, insulation, and some drywall.They removed the track for the gargare door and stored it in the wall (clever huh, just in case we ever or who ever in the future ever wanted to restore the room back to a garage). BTW from the front of the house it still looks like a garage, the door is still there, LOL! 
But the inside looks like this. Not bad for a days work. Now we just have to get some estamates to tape the seams and texture the drywall to match the rest of the house. A coat if primer, and 2 coats of paint to match my room and it will be done. And the best part is now my studio is only 2 degrees colder than the rest of the house. DH wants to have insulation blown into the other 2 walls and into the attic area of my studio to bring the temp even with the rest of the house. But I might talk him into waiting until next year since that estamate was about $500.   

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