Friday, February 4, 2011


Have you ever had a day (or week) that you feel like you are being pulled in multiple different directions at one time and you are finding it hard to stay focus on the task that is right in front of you because there is so much going on that requires your full attention?  
Well that has been my week. Luckily I was able to get the customer quilts done that I had scheduled for this week so I could have Thurs, Friday, Sat & Sun to work on my UFOs. All was going fine until the BITTER COLD hit Arizona mid week and then yesterday (Thursday) Pulte (our builder) scheduled the different trades to come by to "FIX" stuff that falls under the warrenty for our new house. What was suppose to be 1 day of get it done, then get out of my house. For one, I hate waiting for the repair men/trades to come, they always give you this window of 2-4 hours that they are suppose to show up to your house and then who knows how long it will take for them to actually do the job that they were told to do. Anyways I had to make sure I had no customer appointments scheduled because it would be rude of me to have to excuse myself to answer the door, show the workmen where and what to do etc... But what gets me mad is when the granite guy was told exactly what was needed to be done at the time of the appointment being made by Pulte and for him to show up stay only long enough to look at what needed to be done (which was listed on his order/contact sheet and inform me that this would require 3-4 hours to repair and that we would have to reschedule for him to come back another day! What? Before he stepped foot in my door he knew what the problem was and how long it was going to take...why waste my time if you were planing on doing the job at that time. Then the electrician shows up, late but was only able to do 2 of the 4 things on his list in the time that I had available do to having to pick up my kids and run them around after school. So he had to schedule a second day to finish what he was suppose to do, then the drywall/painter guys showed up 20 minutes past their schedule window which conflicted with my after school/kids running so had to reschedule that. Makes me mad because we told our Pulte site manager who was suppose to cordinate all of these times and trades that they had all morning and early afternoon to get it all done and that all of them had to be finished and out of my house by 2 PM do to my prior conmitments that could not be changed. So now I have to waste another day (Monday on the electrician, and the drywall/painters) and still another day after that which has not be established for the granite guy!
Don't these people realise that I own and run my own business, have kids, a husband and most important of all have a life that doesn't include sitting around waiting for them to honor their warrenty on this house? All of the things that was suppose to be taken care of prior to us getting the keys by the way which our site manager FAILED to get done in time.

Ok so then yesterday as if stressed out from the above chaos wasn't enough, I have been waiting for several things to be delivered that I have ordered for quilt related projects and something was delivered yesterday by my mailman and was left in the larger locker compartment (here in AZ most of the mail boxes are located in central locations throughout the subdivisions to make it easier for the mailmen to deliver in the hot temperatures instead of making them walk door to door)anyways for larger pkgs they have larger compartments/lockers for the packages, and they leave the key for them in your mail box if you have something in one...well the key that they left wouldn't work so I had to call my local post office and inform them that it didn't work and they had to "schedule" my post man to hand deliver the package to my door! So more waiting :0( And I really could have used a package yesterday to put a smile on my face. 

As for sewing...not much got done, I did however square up 121 blocks for my Feb. UFO project. Today I have alot of customer pick ups scheduled and 2 drop offs that are set to start in about 8 minutes so I better get off of the computer.

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