Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Year of the UFO's Part 2

Here is the list of my UFO projects that I plan on getting to the flimsy stage.

January: Mood Swings (done/flimsy)
February: Tesselated Stars (done/flimsy)

March: Shell We Dance (Put On Hold...for now)

April: High Desert Mystery Quilt (Done/ Flimsy) & Sister's Choice Block Swap Quilt

May: Spring Loaded
June: Gecko Quilt

July: Light & Shadow

August: Desert Nine Patch

September: Stepping Stones

October: Stars Over Medford

November: Snowflakes

If all goes well I think I will also do this in 2012 and every year after that until my UFO's/ projects not quite started yet are finished. I seem to be able to accomplish more if I have a plan or schedule with some deadlines set for me. And of course this is just a small amount of my projects on my "to do list", they seem to multiply like rabbits! 

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