Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The year of the UFO's Part 1

 Each year quilter's all over the world make promises to themselves that they will "Beat Down Their Stash", finish those "UFO's" or at least make a dent in them, not buy any new fabric or start a new project etc.., etc...
I am no different from other quilters in this respect, yesterday I went through my stash, UFO's and future projects not yet started (but have the fabric for them set aside) and realized that if I would not buy another piece of fabric or pattern until all of my projects were completed it would be several years before I would be able to shop once more. So sad if you think about it, I mean with each project/fabric/pattern that I bought in the past, I was excited about each and everyone, couldn't wait until I was able to start it, and even more excited about the day it would be finished. So what happened? Why do so many projects fizzle out? After looking through them all yesterday I realized that it wasn't that I lost interest in them, or my tastes changed, or even that I got in way over my head in the skill department. For me I realized it all comes down to time! Making the time each week to plow through the stacks and stacks of UFO's.

So this year I have decided to make a comitment to get some UFO's done (or at least to the "flimsy" (quilts that are in desperate need of quilting and binding) stages. I will work on getting them all quilted next year, LOL. 

I am thinking of doing 1-2 (1 large or 2 small) UFO's per month for all of 2011. I will post pics of all that are on my list to be completed and for which month I plan to have them done. So stay tuned for the 2011 list and pics.

Oh BTW I am making NO promises of not buying anymore fabric until all of my UFO's are finished...that would just be unrealistic for me, LOL!


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