Monday, January 17, 2011

French Braid Quilt Update/ Done!

Last May I posted about a French Braid Quilt I was doing for my room, I didn't realize until tonight that I never posted the update on the quilt when it was finished...yes I am a bad blogger ;0)

Oh well I can post the pics now to tie up this loose end. And to refresh your memory...
This is the fabrics that I used.

The braid strips before the seperator bands

The finished quilt after quilting. 

And finally of the quilting, I used the Plumage Pantogragh pattern from Wilow Leaf Studios (I just love that pattern). The thread I used was Superior Threads Lava #285 "Andes"


  1. You only show 6 fabrics at the top of the post but it seems you really used about 12. Is that correct? Trying to decide on fabrics for my version.