Sunday, October 3, 2010

Mystery Quilt Update Week 3

I am feeling very confident with this mystery quilt, yesterday (Saturday) another set of clues were posted and I was able to complete clue #6 Saturday night....
Sample of clue #6.

Then today I was able to get the rest of the clues finished, (7,8, & 9).
Sample of clue #7.

Sample of clue #8.

Sample of clue #9.

So far I figured out the block size, it's a straight set, not on point. It is 5 blocks across and 5 blocks down, the 2 blocks alternate in the setting. The quilt center measures 60 1/2" unfinished (no borders). The only thing I can't figure out yet is how the "Border 1" pieces will come together. But won't have to wait too long for the end of the mystery, all should be revealed next Saturday! 

;0) Shhhh.... Don't tell Kristina but I worked up the center of the quilt in EQ7, and it is looking so good! For all of you who didn't play along on this one, you will be so wanting to join in on the fun the next time around!

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  1. you are just too smart joann! i am surprised you CAN'T figure out the border...but please stop trying. you are so much fun...i am glad you joined in and are liking it. this will look great in your new house on your bed!