Wednesday, October 6, 2010

...and Baby Makes 3!

Monday night we picked up the newest addition to our family...
He is a 4 month old Chihuahua named "Kaner" after Patrick Kane from the Blackhawks (Chicago, Hockey). Over the weekend we were at the sales office (visiting & checking on the progress of our house) and they were talking about this little guy and how he needed a home (the back story is that the owner who owns the mother wasn't able to find a home for this one or his brother after they were born and was about to take him to the animal shelter when a hospice nurse who cares for the owner told her that she would find good homes for them...she founf a home for the one but this one still needed a home). Oh did I mention that he was free? :0) Kaner is a brindle colored short hair chihuahua, they are suppose to be rare. Anyways, we talked about it and decided to take him if we didn't have enough on our plates right now with the up comming move and MIL moving in with us this spring. I figure God wanted us to have him because he was free, and that he has gotten along really well with the kids and our 2 other dogs.

Here he is sleeping with his new collar.

Check out his profile! He is also a really nice snuggle puppy, he crawls right up on your lap and falls asleep.


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