Monday, September 13, 2010

Old UFO Finally Done!

It is finally finished! after several years/ Christmas' I finally finished this tree skirt.....

It's a Thimbleberries quilt pattern and the fabrics that I used was Santas Comming from Benartex. I didn't do anythif fancy quilting wise, just a simple loop meander...I think that is why it took so long to finish, originally my intent was to do custom on it, such as feather swags in the red part and a swirl meander in the white part around the holly leaves. The thought of doing the custom was very intimidating for me, because I have never did free form feather swags before and I was in fear of messing it up. But once I decided to do the loop meander there was no more fear...I know some day I do need to face my feather fears but I was/am under alot of stress right now because of the new house and the pending move so this was not the time to be adding to my stress.

Now I just need to finish the 8 Christmas stockings that match the tree skirt...

Once these are pieced I think that I will just use my Circle Lord and do a basic crosshatch in the red areas...just to keep it simple. The plan is to have these done before the move in November, so that they can be used in the new house.

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