Friday, September 3, 2010

60 Days & Counting

Until closing!
This morning we got a call from our lender telling us that we got our final approval from the underwriters :0) and that in 30 days we will here from them about our closing date (Nov 2 is the tenative date, hoping for a week earlier).

The time is going quickly, I do have to say though. It has been 11 weeks since we stumbled into this. Here are some pics from this week....

  This is the front of the house now with the 1st stucco app on it, next week they will put the 2nd app on it that will have the final texture of the house. 
This is the 1 car garage that will be the new home for my APQS Liberty.

This is the view looking into the house from the foyer

This is one view from the 2 story living room, there is a curve staircase...yes a very good thing to have since we have 4 girls and lots of proms and weddings in our future.

Another view of the room looking towards the front door.

Here's one looking into the kitchen area from the family room... 
And another, there will be 2 islands in the kitchen and lots of counter space.

This is the hallway off the kitchen that leads to the MIL suite.

This is the 14 ft mud room that leads to the 2 1/2 car garage, there will be floor to ceiling shelveing on one wall.

This is a pic of the ceiling of the foyer.

This is the large loft...

and on the other side of the 2 story living room is the small loft/alcove.  

Master suite...

heading into the master bath...

and Chris (DH) in part of the master bath.

The kids wing.

The back of the house...

the side of the house...

Stan (must have been the guy who did the stucco) left his siggy on the side of the house.

And then the other side of the house.

That's all of the pics for this week, they got alot done. Next week, even though it's a holiday week they should be able to get all of the drywall taping and texturing done as well as the 2nd and final stucco coat on the outside of the house. So stay tuned.  

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