Sunday, May 2, 2010


We all have them, some have more than others, some are in various stages and some are just thoughts of inspiration. No matter what, if you are a quilter chances are you have them. I know I do.

So with my machine getting packed up and being sent back to the factory later this week for it's spa trip, I decided this would be a great time to get some things done. Such as repainting the master bedroom and bath (long over do) was suppose to be done last summer but got talked into doing 2 kids bedrooms instead. So on Mother's day Chris is going to paint the ceilings and then on that MondayI will paint the walls. 

Next I plan on getting some UFO projects done...
1) quilted sewing machine and serger covers (quilted the yardage for them yesterday) just need to cut the pieces out and bind the edges...will post pics of it when done but for now this is the fabric that I using
Then I plan on moving on to this project,

This is a tumbler patch quilt that I am making to use my CL Swirls template on, won't take much to finish this one probably a day at most.

This one just needs some applique flowers in the center of this quilt, then it will be done.
Must finish these 7 Christmas Stockings and get them quilted with the matching Tree Skirt before this Christmas (this UFO has been unfinished for too many years).

Then there is this one from 5" scraps, it will be a lap size quilt when finished.

This one is all Moda Sunshine fabrics using the Moda U Chocolate pattern with a little modification to turn it into a king size quilt for my bed.

So these are the 6 UFO projects that I am going to try to get done (pieced not quilted) by the end of May. 6 projects in 4 weeks and paint a large master bed/bath, I have alot to do. I will post each one as I get them finished. 

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