Sunday, May 2, 2010

....and Then There Were Two

No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you...there really is 2 geckos. Tiger is the one on the right and the new one, Tony is on the left. I know the names are kinda cheesy, Tony/ Tiger but I had nothing to do with the names. The kids & husband did. Any ways we were heading out of the hose through the garage to take my oldest back to college a few weeks back and Tony was right next to our mini van, maybe he wanted to hitch a ride down to Tucson. Well as soon as the kids saw it they started pleading with Chris to catch it, which he did and so a new pet/ mascot was brought into an already crowded home, lol. They seem to get along well enough, I mean it's been 2 weeks and they are both still living. And check this out.....
Tony also likes the cricket box!, That's him peeking up at me through the window. So now we have 2 crazy geckos living with us, I guess I have to quilt more quilts to keep them happily fat with crickets!

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