Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stressed Out

We packed my Liberty up last night to send her back to the factory for her Maitenance/ Spa Treatment. She goes to the UPS store on Friday. And today I feel very stressed out, about it :0(

I don't know if it has to do with seperation anxiety or not knowing how much the whole thing is going to cost, or worrying about whether or not she will get to her destinations (first to the factory and then back home) safe and sound. Am I nuts? Maybe I shouldn't be asking this question, because I can just imagine what some of you are thinking about that last comment, LOL!

Anyways, until I know for sure what the cost will be I need to stay away from stores and websites that may entice me to spend $$$

I am also DREADING painting my master bed and bath, it is a huge space with volted ceilings and I know that I am going to be so sore (from going up and down the ladder) for a week after. So it is hard to say for sure what is my true source of stress is comming from. Maybe a combo from both...where's the chocolate? ;0)  

1 comment:

  1. hey joann!

    your liberty will be just fine. i have shipped Nemo to Iowa not once, but twice and he got there and back just fine. now the three weeks he was gone is a different story: i pieced eight quilts....

    when we took him to the UPS store i just stood there. davis literally had to 'drag' me out. i didn't want to leave him ...i learned a valuable lesson: ship him for his next spa retreat when i plan to go on vacation :)

    shannon 'doodlebug'