Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Little of This...

And a little of that.

Friday morning after dropping kids off at school Chris and I headed over to the UPS store to say my goodbyes to my wasn't as bad as I thought it would be and it should arrive at the factory on Thursday but I will be without her 3 weeks or so, depending how many are before her. I talked to Kristy at APQS and told her when to expect it.

So without a quilt on my machine to keep me busy I baked some peach muffins and finished piecing a queen size tumbler quilt. I have a feeling I will be getting lots done piecing wise (like Shannon did when her beloved Nemo took a holiday) and I will probably end up gaining 10 lbs! ;0)

Was going to start painting my master bed/bath this week comming up but it has been pushed back a week do to scheduling conflicts with the hubby (he paints the ceilings). 

Saturday is Chris' B-day, he's heading to the golf course in the morning and I get to bake him a cake. I always bake the "Hershey's perfectly chocolate, chocolate cake" (the one on the Hershey's cocoa canister) for all of the B-days except my son's, he prefers a lemon cake over the chocolate. And I am hoping to work on a tote for my lap top.   

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