Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spa Treatment

Just got off the phone with Amy from APQS, where my Liberty is getting her much needed spa treatment. She said that my machine was in pretty good shape for as many quilts that I do each month and she told me what they had done to her so far (which the cost was below what I though it would be) so she told me what little things they could do to improve the performance of my machine since it was a 2005 and there have been several things improved since it was made. For instance something to do with the needle bar the new one will have bearings or something that will improve my stitching/less drag when doing ruler work. Since it was comming in below budget I decided to go for the new improvements as well as buy new leaders and another dozen bobbins (you can never have too many bobbins in my opinion, LOL!). Anyways it should be finished up tomorrow if Christy gets back from being sick and either shipped back tomorrow afternoon or Monday at the latest. That means I should have it by May 28 or June1 at the latest. So I should be able to meet my deadlines, yea! :0)  

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