Saturday, May 22, 2010

Poker Night

Last night was our turn to host the neighborhood poker night, it use to be once a month the Friday night closest to the 15th of the month and rotates among those that usually are the regulars. This year however the guys decided to do it every other month due to busy lives etc... this month was our turn but had other commintments last week so it got pushed back a week.

Anyways like everything that we do we tend to always go big when it comes to these things, not that it was planned to be this way  but it is just how it turned out, lol. Ok perhaps it was because it is close to the end of the school year, maybe because of the 100 degree temp yesterday or even because the Blackhawks (hockey) were playing on TV last night (BTW they won!!!) but what ever it was Poker Night turned quickly into a full blown party. And of course there was no poker being played, lol. 

We are originally from the south suburbs of Chicago relocated in the AZ desert and we are fortunate enough to live in a subdivision that have quite of few other families from that area, good friends and neighbors. When we get together bud lite, margaritas, lots of fun, good food are plentiful. Last night was no exception :0)

My daughter Rachel claimed the party as her own, she graduates from jr high this week and took this oppertunity to invite all of her friends to hang out in our pool and my two oldest kids invited some of their friends as well. The party went on till 2:00 AM, I haven't had a party lasting this long since my early 20's. Everyone had a good time and are already asking when the next party will be, lol I wish I would have taken pics last night but was too busy making sure everyone was enjoing themselves to worry about a camera.

Was going to paint the Master Bath this weekend but it might not get done, not because of a hangover or anything, suprisingly I don't have one, I took 2 Tyenol before going to bed last night and slept 7 hours, woke up fine. But just not in the mood for painting, perhaps some sewing will get done instead.  

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