Monday, May 10, 2010

Making the Best of My Down Time

What does a professional quilter do when her machine is getting some work done on it? She sews! and this past weekend I made this cute tote!

This is the front.

The pattern I used is called the "Professional Tote" by "The Creative Thimble".
I do have to confess, I was a bit intimidated by this project because I haven't done any crafty type projects like this before. But it was pretty easy and it went quickly too. Which is a suprise since it can have 11-12 pokets on  it. I wanted to make this tote for my lap top, from the dimensions listed it seemed like it would fit, but it doesn't :0( see I have a wide screen laptop and this tote has a zipper to close the main sections close and the tote is designed to have this zipper section a little smaller than the actually tote. The zipper was an 18" one, my laptopcould fit into the tote if the zipper was a 20" one...hmmmm maybe the next tote I make I will have to modify this part of the pattern.
Here's what it looks like inside the tote.....
Lots of room for stuff and alot of pockets inside and out.
Heres a pic of the back.....
I was also a little skeptical of how sturdy this would be, but when it was done I am really impress with how sturdy it is!, It uses Pellon's Deco-Bond fusible interfacing and almost all of the pieces was fused with the stuff. 
Although I am not a fan of the expense it cost to make it, after you buy the 3 different fabrics (main, contrast, and lining) 3 zippers, cord locks, deco-bond, cording (I used suede lacing), and nylon webbing it added up to a pretty pricey tote. But that won't stop me from making more., LOL my 2 older daughters each want one and then I still need to do something about my lap top.    


  1. Love the tote! They can be pricey to make...but oh so worth it! I am going to look for the pattern. This looks like a great tote for an all around carry-on or sewing travel bag too. Lots of room...except for your laptop of course!

  2. Great job! I also love how sturdy this pattern is. There really is no substitute for Decor Bond, is there? For those who are looking for the pattern, the pattern is actually by "The Creative Thimble" ( Where did you find that main fabric- I love it!

  3. Carol, the main fabric is Moda's Spirit of the Southwest. I got it from Southwest Decoratives heres the link