Saturday, May 15, 2010

Droid :0)

Don't you just love that word?..."DROID" Reminds me of the 80's band "Devo" and their old song "Whip It", LOL!!! Who could forget those ridiculus red plastic hats and those coveralls they use to wear in their music videos and on stage. Ok so this post is really not about the 80's (where I spent my teen years) or anything about the craziness of an adolescent.

However it is about this...
It's called "DROID" and it's a cell phone plus a whole lot more!
So here's some background info to get you all up to speed-
We have our family cell phone plan/coverage through Verizon and all of my kids (except the twins), Chris and I have cell phones, unlimited text (a must have when you have a teenager, let alone 3 of them). Anyways my little old pink Razor phone has been long over due for a trade in, like 2 years over due...and back in March my 3 teen's phones came due for a trade in/upgrade (which they have been hounding us to since January.
Anyways My oldest moved back from college this week for the summer and said she wanted to upgrade her phone so yesterday Chris took her to the Verizon store (since she is a working girl now she is responsible for her own upgrade even though she is still on our family cell phone plan). She liked the Droid right away (because it looks like and does alot of what the IPhones do). And since the Droid is buy one get one free, Chris really wanted the freebie for himself but since I have voiced that I wanted a new phone this year with a key pad he decided that I should get the freebie :0) also since this Droid model comes with internet access with an additional fee of course, he figured that we could write off the monthly internet fee as a business expense. So Gecko Quilts now will have 2 e-mail accounts and 2 phone #'s. Eventually the thinking is that all Gecko Quilt communications will go through the cell phone/ DROID. 

This is a side view of the "Docking" station for the Droid so it can sit on a desk used as a clock, photo gallery(it also takes pics), music device, oh and it can play video/movies! The only thing it can't do is housework, & make dinner while I am either playing with this thing or quilting!

You can also buy.....
Skins, so you can personalize it more to your liking! I bought this cool red skin, it has 2 pieces, a front and a back. However when you dock it you have to take off the back skin. I love this skin it has a soft feel to it's touch, like a rose petal has, it's pretty cool. And evertime you turn it on it says "DROID" in a deep electronic type voice, which is what reminds of the Band Devo and the whole 80's thing.

With my last phone, I didn't use it too much. It basically sat in my purse and used for emergancies only when I was out. But when Vicki (my oldest) and Chris brought this one home for me they said welcome to the 21st century and my daughter said hopefully this will get me to use my cell more than just for emergancies. Needless to say I spent allafternoon and last night getting to know my new phone/ media device. I downloaded ALOT of free apps and games. Oh I forgot to mention that it has a GPS APP on it! and I also downloaded a mapquest app (since I already know that one). The only thing left to do to it is start downloading my favorite music, you tube videos (there is also a you tube app), movies and favorite pics! 

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