Monday, March 1, 2010

Occupational Hazzard, sort of

Last Thursday I cracked a rib, sort of, don't know for sure, didn't get an x-ray.
Anyways I was talking to a customer on the phone while I was sitting at my desk. I have an office chair that has adjustable arm rest and I turned around to look at my calander and my arm slid off the arm rest and my rib cage hit it with a harsh blow. Started feeling some pain right away but there was no bruising. Several days later still have some pain when I move, but can take deep breaths. I hate to go to the doctor so instead I went to web md instead (I know I shouldn't self diagnose but I have no fever, no bruising etc... so no infection, no internal bleeding) Just dull aching when I move a certain way. Web md says the only thing a doc would do anyway would inform the patient to take asprin or Ibprofin...advil has worked for me so far so I can continue to quilt, since it is on my left side and I am a right handed quilter. Good thing too because I am over booked for the next 2 weeks.

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