Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy Chaos!

Yup, that about sums it up for this week :0)
So the week started out just like any other, well almost. I did over book customer quilts, just a little. One of the local quilt groups were having their quilt show this weekend and another group is having their's next weekend, so when they called up I had a hard time saying no. But did eventually. After all contrary to what you have been told I am not super woman (not even close). Anyways loaded up a huge king size quilt the top looked ok, I didn't think it was going to be a difficult quilt, thought that I would have it off my machine before dinner time no problem. Ya, like that ever happens, right? So as I was quilting along I was starting to notice alot of fullness in the borders, thought to myself "ok, no big deal" I'll use Bonnie's starch & steam method to tame these borders. Ummm, didn't work this time, so I tried adding extra batting to the borders to "take up" the extra fullness. That didn't even work. So I called the customer, she came over and we dicussed some options. She worked really hard on this quilt the center of it was beautifully done, well thought out but she never did a quilt this large before and she measured her borders wrong. Instead of measuring through the center of the quilt she measured the edges :0( This was where she went wrong. She asked me what I would do. Knowing all of the work and effort that she put into the center of the quilt, and how proud she was of it I advised her to do the only thing and what I have done myself when this happened to me afew years back to a wall hanging of mine, I told her if it were my quilt I would rip out the quilting so far (half way through a king size quilt) and remove the borders and measure correctly and then reapply them. I explained then she would really be proud of this quilt when it was finished and that she would learn from her mistake and never do it the other way again.

She agreed, so I offered to rip out the quilting for her but told her she had to take off her borders. This set me back a bit on my schedule for the week and I was working through the weekend but heh it's all part of the job and I did get the rest of the quilts done for that week. :0)

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