Sunday, February 28, 2010

Circle Lord Update and Other Stuff

Last week I was debating whether or not to repurchase the Circle Lord, well I decided that the price was too good to past up so I took the plunge!
It should be here in a week or less. Michael & Kay the owners and creators of the Circle Lord are great people and they are always great to work with and talk to. So I am getting the basic set up, will be able to quilt from the back as well as from the front and I will have the original Aztec, the mini Aztec and the large Swirls ETE board (I had the original aztec and the swirls before) but the mini aztec and working from the front will be new to me. I can't wait to get it, I will be adding the swirls board to my light density quilting designs, I am sure it will be very popular as it was before when I owned it.

I am already thinking what my next purchase will be...probably the fan clam board because I am getting alot of old period style, scrap type quilts in and the baptist fan will add charm to them plus I have had some customers tell me that they were interested in that maybe next month I will purchase that one. If I were rich I would tell Michael one of each please!, LOL Then I wake up from my dream.

Oh but the mail man did deliver a really cool thing this week. Something that will help me with choosing the right color, got you thinking, huh?

It's a Kona Cotton color card! It is gorgeous! Now I won't have to guessif the fabric that I order will be the right color. I like to use the kona cottons for my quilt backs as well as in some of my quilts.
has the full line of kona cottons for only $4.19 a yard they use to have it for $3.99 a yad but they recently raised their prices but still is the cheapest that I have ever seen it for. I got the color card from hancocks of paducah and I just found out that they have a color card for the hoffman watercolor batiks...may just have to get that sometime in the future as well...since I am working with more and more batiks.

Friday was my oldst's Birthaday, she turned 19. Where has the time gone? It seems that it was only yesterday that she was born.

Well time to go for's well past my bed time and I have church in the morning.

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  1. I love my Kona color card! I make t-shirt quilts for people and they just pick their colors out. Thanks for the link-that's cheaper than I can order it. I usually hit Jo-Ann's and Hobby Lobby with a coupon first and if they don't have the color I order it! My youngest DS turned 24 on Friday-time does seem to fly!