Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pets & Blackhawks!

Here is a recent photo of Tiger...he's out of the box. We should have called him "Jack" because you know...Jack in the box, Jack out of the box {{GRIN}}
anyways this gecko sure likes his cricket box, he's in it ALOT!!!

GO Blackhawks!
ok, so let me explain. My hubby (Chris) and I are originally from the midwest. Me from Indiana/Illinois and Chris from Illinois and so when we grew up it was all about the Chicago teams, the Bears, the Bulls, the Cubs (White Sox need not apply ;0)) and of course the BLACKHAWKS!!!! or hockey for those that don't follow Chicago sports. My 13 year old daughter really, really, really loves
 Patrick Kane and the rest rest of the Blackhawks as well but Kane is her all time favorite player. So she has been working really hard in school and got straight A's in all of her classes first semester even in her honors classes and her B-day is comming up in May and all she can talk about is "Blackhawks this, Kane that" so one of her uncles got tickets for the Coyotes/Blackhawks game in a couple of weeks here in Phoenix (aunt Jen, uncle RJ, Chris & Rachel are all going to this game) and she is SOOOOOOOO excited!!!! But we decided to give her one of her B-day presents early so she can wear it to the game. Here is Rachel in her favorite shirt.
She doesn't look like she likes her present, maybe we should try to return it and get her something else....What do you think? {{GRIN}}
Yes, Rachel is not really much of a "girly" girl, she loves her sports.  

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