Monday, February 15, 2010

What?...The weekend's over, already?

I swear the weekend seems to be getting shorter and shorter, or maybe it's just that I have so much to do that they seem to go by with just a blink of an eye.

This past weekend I thought I would only have time to put on the borders of the rainbow log cabin for Hailey. But I was able to even get it quilted!
I quilted the "Hearts a Flutter" pantogragh on it using white thread, didn't want to add any more color than there already was in the quilt. It will be a while before I get a chance to put the binding on it, plus I plann on making 2 matching pillow cases for it as well. But it will have to wait because Saturday I decided to start a new project...yes it involved a trip to the quilt store (Quilter's Oasis) :0) The new project is a baby's quilt. My 2 oldest daughters are invited to a baby shower and I thought the "baby girl to be" needed a quilt. Here is the pics of the new project...   
The quilt is called "Frosted Flowers" and is in the PS I Love You 3 Quilt Book.

Here is what I have done so far...mostly batiks in soft pastel colors and lots of pink!!! The quilt will finish at 48"X65" and need to be completed and wrapped up for the baby shower on 2/27/10. There are 8 applique blocks set on point and framed by the half square triangles above, followed by 2- 1" borders and 1- 5" border. Do you think I can get it done? Mind you I also have 15 custmer quilts to do in that time as well, it's a good thing my husband is very understanding and does the cooking on the weekends ;0).

Valentine's day did not come unnoticed this year, but instead of spending money on flowers and cards this year we decided to make a real special dinner at home for us and the kids. This way we were able to share the day with the kids as well and spend less $ than going out to eat.

So the weekend is now over, one project not quite finished and another started and 1 out of 15 customer quilts finished. As I was taking the pics of the customer quilt tonight I glanced over at the mascot ("Tiger" the Gecko) and this is what I saw.................................................................
The little guy crawled into the box that the crickets come in (his food source) and is now looking up at me through the celophane on the box. The way the box is set up the little hole allows the crickets to come and go at will but the hole is quite small and some how the gecko was able to get in but since he is too big the flap on the hole has trapped him inside. Chris got rid of the flap and made the hole bigger so the gecko can get out if he wants to now but several hours later he is still in the box. Either he is really stupid or really smart in thinking that he can make an escape thinking that we will eventually throw out the cricket box and then he will be free from his prison. 


  1. does Tiger allow me to save money on my car insurance???

    sorry i couldn't resist


  2. No, but I am thinking he should replace those cavemen and go Hollywood! with personality like his the sky is the limit! :0)