Saturday, February 20, 2010

Should Be Sleeping

It's the middle of the night and I should be asleep, but I can't, my brain is racing and I am thinking about quilting. Go figure. Anyways I was just over at my recipe site (link is on my gecko website) and someone went and spammed it :0( so I cleaned it all up and locked the forums so if they come back they won't be able to do it again. 

Anyways I guess part of my problem is that ever since yesterday (when I found out about the Circle Lord Valentines day special) I haven't been able to focus on much. About a year and a half ago I had to sell my Circle Lord (bling for my APQS Liberty ;0) ) because I needed the cash to pay off my Bernina 730E before the back interest fees kicked in. The moment it sold I regretted having to to see it go. I told myself that some day I will buy another one. 

I have been spending the past 2 days (nights) debating with myself going over in my head the pros and cons of repurchasing now. The fantastic deal vs I no longer do custom quilting for customers. Chris' arguement is (he said) that I only used it about 3 times....uuuummmm wrong! In the year that I owned one I used it over a dozen perhaps 1 1/2 dozen times. And looking at all of the quilts on the APQS site that are part of the Circle Lord Challenge is making me want one again even more. Chris said it is ultimatley up to me, and yes it is costly even with the discount just to be used on my own quilts but the tool is a great tool and has been improved upon since I had my first one. So come morning I am going to order a new one. Just the basic plus for now and then I will add the various templates to it here and there as time goes by. 

Another reason for me not sleeping is I am under deadline with the baby quilt I mentioned last entry. I need to have the quilt pieced by Sunday so I can quilt it on Monday and have it bound before next Saturday, which is the day of the baby shower. I did make some progress though on it today. I was able to finish the applique on the 8 blocks. Saturday I will finish up the 1/2 sq triangles and get the center together. Will post pics of it when it is all pieced.

Ok got to go, the eye lids are getting heavy.

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