Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bali Pops!

Bali Pops!, Just the name of these are fun. Actually I have not found a Bali Pop that I haven't liked :0) For those of you that don't know what these are..where have you been for the past year? These are the new rage! It's the best way to satisfy your Batik cravings without going broke trying to get a variety of colors and textures. These little beauties are 2 1/2" wide batik strips in 40 piece cordinated packages with fun names. Like Cappuccino, Berry Bliss, Strawberry Fields, Mocha Mint, ect...
This is my next project (to be started as soon as I get theborders on the rainbow log cabin quilt). This is a combination of 3 Bali Pops (Mulberry, Cotton Candy, and Sherbet) I am going to use them in a Judy Niemeyer quilt called "Stepping Stones" it calls for 3 bali pops or 100 strips. Should be fun. As with any project the hardest part is picking the color combinations. The above is my latest decision but may not be my final decision, LOL! I like to have them spread out to look at for a while before I start the project so I can look at them to make sure I like the combos.

I also have the next several months of projects (heck, who am I kidding, it's actually several years of projects, LOL) planned out! 

Yes, I am obsessed...my name is Joann and I am a "quilt-aholic" ;0)   

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