Sunday, February 28, 2010

A week later

So today, Saturday the baby quilt needed to be done. I posted about it 2 weeks ago and didn't say much since, so do you think I made my dead line?
Well of course I did! Here are some pics.....
This doesn't look like much now but just wait it gets better.
A little progress, one of 8 blocks.
A close up of the quilting, I quilted bumble bees all over it.
And this is what the quilt looked like when it was finished. The mom to be loved the quilt and said that it was too pretty to use...HUH? I say a quilt is only truely loved if it is used and is in tatters ;0).

So I did make my deadline but I have to work this weekend. One of the quilt groups that a few of my customers belong to is having their quilt show on the 13th and so for the next 2 weeks I am over booked and so it looks like no weekends for me until I get through the 13th. I even had to turn a few customers away because I am only 1 person and can only quilt so much in a week. I hate having to do that though, but what am I to do?

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