Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Breaking Out of the Comfort Zones

Last week I decided to make a BIG change, I got my hair cut really short!
I was tired of the long almost straight style and needed a change to lift my spirits up, the cold/wet winter days and nights were wearing me down. So what the heck, since I decided at the begining of the year that I wasn't going to color my hair any longer the old style and old color were just looking bad with the natural color and grey...the quickest fix to spruce it up was to go short and get rid of alot of the old color. I updated my pic off to the left side with the new do, check it out. My kids were in shock, lol the older ones don't remember me with short hair and the younger ones weren't born back when I wore it shorter. Let me tell you my kids are my biggest critics and they don't like big changes (at least not when it comes to their parents).

Last week I was able to finish my customers quilts by Wednesday! so I was able to have a 4 day week end!!! (except for customer appointments that is on Friday). Thursday is when I got my hair cut, didn't do much on that day other than grocery shop and lounged around. Friday I was planning on quilting one of my own wallhangins but only got as far as loading it, ended up quilting it on Monday to get it off my machine so I could quilt customer quilts. Heres the pick of my wall hanging... It's a "Tonga Dimes" quilt and I quilted "Whirlygig" on it, I would show you an up close pic of the stitching but I used a med grey thread and it doesn't show up in the pics. All that's left to do is bind it, but that's for another day.

Since I had time off again this weekend I was able to work on the Rainbow Log Cabin Quilt. I was able to finish the last of the 3 sets of blocks....
They are pretty bright!

Here are all of the blocks, 6 color combinations. The pink fabric is for the inner border, binding and backing and is from the "Dimples" fabric line and the "Dots" are from the Moda "Smores" fabric line and is the outer border. It will be one bright quilt when finished, I may have to where sunglasses just to quilt it, LOL!

I am planning on piecing the blocks together next weekend then the following weekend putting the borders on it.  


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