Sunday, January 24, 2010


Over the years I have owned quite a few pets, mostly dogs but also a few birds, fish, and the most recent a Tucson Banded Gecko. The kids found him a few months back hanging around in our garage and they thought that I needed a mascot for my business. So we gave our fish to friends of ours and moved the Gecko inside.
Here are a few pics of him...the kids named him Tiger because of his stripes. He is very active in the evening hours and sleeps most of the day. He loves to eat crickets so we try to keep him well fed with a box of them from Pet Smart.

He also loves to climb on the side of the broken ship pieces left over from the fish (the crickets also like to climb all over the ship as well). 

He still hasn't figured out however why there is alot of people staring at him through glass.
We have 2 dogs as well as this Gecko.
A black Cocker Spaniel who is almost 10 years old. Her name is Misty (Superstion Mystic is her official AKC name) we named her after the Superstition mountains that are near by.

Did I mention that she loves quilts!
She seeks them out when she wants to take a nap, like here, LOL!
We also rescued/adopted a short haired chihuahua/ Daschound mix several years ago when she was just a few months old. We named her "Sandy". Here she is with one of my daughters, Rachel (she thinks Sandy is exclusively hers....but Sandy begs to differ). Sandy also loves to wear bandanas, Rachel started putting them on her when she was a puppy and she use to trip over them because they were bigger than she was. Sandy is the more friendlier of the 2 dogs and is the one that is the most vocal during the customer appointments.

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