Monday, January 11, 2010

Pics from Pierogi Saturday 2009

This is my daughter Rachel, she is par-boiling the pierogies once they are made so they can go into the freezer.
This is Ralph & Jess, friends of ours learning to make pierogies for the first time.

Karen & Greg make a great team, they got creative and decided to add jalapeno slices to the pierogie filling to kick it up a notch or two.
Here is my oldest Victoria playing with the dough as Jess looks on.

Greg is cracking a few eggs for the pierogi dough.
Here is Victoria rolling out the dough.
This is Lee, he didn't make any of the pierogies that day but he made a great supervisor! We had a great time that day and, we made 2 batches of pierogies and drank several blender fulls of margaritas. We decided that this was going to be a yearly thing for us and that next year we are going to experiment more with different fillings. Should be fun.   

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