Monday, January 11, 2010

1st Week Back

The first week of the year was suppose to be a great start for 2010, I was going to get back to eating healthy, my exercise plan and get back to quilting customer quilts. Of course I should know by now when you want things to go a certain way, they rarely do. This week was no exception.

I did manage to work out and eat right 1 day, yup that was it, why? Well because life kicked my butt, that's why. Monday was good, Chris went back to work, I tried to get back to work but the kids were still home until Wed. and I had a hard time getting motivated, then I had a couple of days where I had back to back drop off appointments all day!! So when I did finally try to get some quilting done, my machine started to act up. The begining of Dec. I broke a needle on a customer's quilt because of a very bulky seam...this seam was so bad that it actually knocked my hook assembly loose and damaged my hook by creating alot of burrs. Chris got it back together and thought he timed it the right way, and I was able to finish my customer quilts for Dec's deadlines. However when I started up again my top thread was shredding something aweful. So I asked  Chris to buff the hook to get rid of the problem, he did a great job but when he tried to put it back together he couldn't  because we were missing a important piece of info. My machine is a 2005 APQS Liberty and the manuel that came with it is lacking in detail info in this area. So I called APQS and Christy e-mailed me detailed instructions to get us back up and running. It turned out that the missing piece of the puzzle was that we needed to file the hook shaft before sliding the collar & hook back on.

Once the machine was back together (the right way this time) I was back in business, however I was now running behind schedule, so I had to work through the weekend to get caught up again.

I was hoping to do some sewing. But it was not going to happen. So needless to say between the stress of the job, falling behind, and having alot of drop off appointments I was not able to exercise or eat healthy. I am so bummed!  

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