Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Back To Work I Go

I finished my first customer quilt of the year today, I loaded it yesterday but didn't actually get it finished until today. Why is it that after a holiday or vacation it is always hard to get back into a groove? It didn't help either that the kids don't have to go back to school until Wednesday. Every time I went to quilt, a pair of eyes where starring down at me from the stairs waiting until I finished a row to ask me a question, usually resulting in me having to defuse an arguement or to fix a problem they were having. During the summer months they aren't like this but I guess they are starting to get antsy and are looking to get back to their routine (I know I am!!) :0)

Anyways for some reason I was lucky enough that no customers wanted appointments Monday or Tuesday of this week it has given me a chance to ease back into my work schedule. Wednesday however is another story, I have appointments scheduled all day from 10 am-2 pm then I need to get at least 1 customer quilt done hopefully 2 before I call it a day.

I started back to healthy eating and exercising on Monday after a not so healthy December. I lost 6 lbs by Thanksgiving then the holiday goodies derailed me for the month of December. But surprising enough I only gained back 1 1/2 lbs during that time, and that was with bad eating and no exercising! So Monday I started exercising again, I want to loose another 10 lbs (a total of 15 lbs from when I originally started before Thanksgiving). I am going to just start off the year with cardio for now then maybe in a few weeks I will add some weight lifting to my plan. When the twins were babies I started lifting weights to get back in shape, it worked really well and I discovered I liked seeing definition in my biceps, I even was even starting to see faint lines of my ab muscles too, that's how much I was into the whole weight lifting/ cardio thing. Chris even got into it for awhile as well. Then 9/11 happened and well, we went into mourning with the rest of the country and some how bad eating and lack of exercise became the norm. 

So why did I decide to get back to a healthier lifstyle you might be asking yourself? Well because my clothes were shrinking, lol! and with the ecconomy as bad as it is, who has the $$$ to go out and buy new LARGER sizes of clothes. I would much rather keep my current clothes and add new items here and there to expand the wardrobe not my waistline. Plus since my Hysterectomy last spring, bad eating brings on more hot flashes. Plus I read somewhere that weightlifting promotes stronger bones and since "mentalpause" (as we call it here in our house) weakens bones/osteoperosis (family history with this) I figured I need to be on the offense instead of being on the defense later. 

My goal is to get to my desired weight goal by the end of March, not difficult to achieve if I stick to it. And then to maintain my weight while I continue to lift weights and do cardio to lower my body fat % some for the summer. since we have a pool (most people do in AZ) we tend to be in it on a daily basis come summer so must look good in that bathing suit.

Oh and I decided to stop coloring my hair and let it go back to it's natural color (which is dark brown) but now it has more grey in it. I am courious to see what I look like with the silvery highlights. Should be interresting. I also ditched the bangs.     

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