Saturday, November 14, 2009

Unexpected Treasures

All of my customers are a great bunch of quilters. Over the years they have shared with me stories of their families, their joys, their sadness and some have even given me gifts of various sorts. Quilter's by nature like to share, whether it be stories, recipes, patterns, quilts, or other special gifts. I have been given delicious tasty treats that were baked with love, I have been given quilt patterns of quilts that I had admired, I haven been given lessons on how to make authentic tamales with the gift of some of the ingredients. I have also been given an almost finished quilt top shown here...The customerhad this UFO and had it all completed except for 2 of the 6" borders, she miscalculated the amount of fabric needed and ran short, couldn't find more of the fabric so decided to throw it away. I mentioned to her that she should never throw away a quilt in progress that she should just pass it on to another quilter to finish. So she did, me. It was an easy fix...
I took off the 2- 6" borders, cut them down to 4" borders and using the 4" scraps that were also sent with the projects I was able to get it too what it looks like above.

I decided I wanted to turn this Queen size quilt into a King size so I was able to locate the same fabric line and purchase these fabrics to add more borders to it. It will be a great quilt and used alot, instead of it ending up discarded. I have a great Kokopeli pantogragh that will look fantastic on this quilt, so it will be finished some time in 2010, stay tuned.

But these are not the only special gifts I have received, yesterday I received an unexpected and thoughtful gifts too......

These were wrapped up in this great bag that my customer made (all things quilty!)...There was a new rotary blade, a 50% off coupon for Michaels, 2 homade gift bags (large and small and a beautiful pendant that she made, in addition to making quilts she also makes jewelry.....this other pic is a close up of the pendant she made for me. How cool is this? Anyways I have also been given cash tips over the years as well. It just goes to show you that quilters are one of the most generous and creative groups of people out there in the world...they give with their hearts :0) 

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